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Complete Lawn Care in Oxford

If you dream of well-kept, weed-free grass but don’t have the time or the tools to mow and strim, hand the job on to My Gardeners Oxford. Take advantage of a lawn care service in Oxford that’s delivered by skilful and dedicated gardeners.

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Every Aspect of Lawn Care Skillfully Attended To

Your gardeners in Oxford will care for your grass all year round. This will include jobs such as:

  • Lawn mowing – Cutting the grass to the right length for the season and at the correct frequency is the foundation of proper lawn maintenance
  • Weed control – If weeds are allowed to run riot they’ll destroy your grass. Your team will make sure that doesn’t happen
  • Feeding – Topdressing, generally in spring and autumn so that your lawn has the nutrients required for healthy growth
  • Scarification and aeration – Removing thatch to allow the fresh grass to grow and injecting oxygen into the soil to improve root health
  • Lawn repair – Reseeding patchy areas to give a more even growth

Lawn Maintenance that’s Tailored to Your Needs

Your lawn services will be tailored to the current condition of your grass. At your first visit your gardeners will start by assessing the grass and determining what needs to be done.

They’ll also talk to you about how you intend to use the garden at this influences how your lawn should be developed. As an example, a smooth grassy area for children to play on will need to be hard-wearing. A lawn that forms the centrepiece for a decorative garden doesn’t need to be tough but has to be in prime condition to do your flowers and shrubs justice.

The team of two gardeners will arrive with all the tools required to start work, so once a plan has been agreed your service can begin immediately. The frequency of gardening sessions you’ll need will be discussed with you and you’ll be offered advice on how you can care for your lawn between visits. Neglected lawns may need intensive input initially to get them into shape, once under control, they can be maintained with far less professional input.


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Organising My Gardeners Oxford Lawn Care in Oxford

The first step to getting your lawn maintenance service is to give us a call. The My Gardeners Oxford support line is staffed 24/7. The person you speak to will tell you more about your options for lawn care in Oxford.

This gardening service is available seven days a week. It’s charged at an hourly rate for two gardeners. And the price you pay will include both labour and provision of all the tools needed to keep your lawn looking great.